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Let’s us help you hire remote

We search for your perfect hire, across our target countries.


Why hire remote?


With remote teams, you get a dedicated, happy team who are working as they want to work.

Skills & Talent

Building a remote team - particularly internationally - gives you access to a world of talent.

Cost Effective

Achieve greater cost efficiency due to lower cost locations (domestic, or global).


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Hire with us for a flat fee of $500 per hire

“Native Teams’ business is primarily global. Without Native Teams I can’t imagine how we could have scaled our team and taken care of our users! Thank you Native Teams!”

Jacob Jones, Saasuma

How it works


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Let’s discuss your new hire. You don’t even need a job spec: We can complete that with you on our call.


We start the search.

The search your requirements. We will then send through filtered applicants who we feel could fit the bill.


Hire locally, globally.

Our platform lets you hire that perfect remote team member irrespective of their country, as if you are a local.

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Why Native Teams?

  • EngagementWe offer many engagement opportunities for employers, freelancers and distributed team members. Our platform is the portal to engagement and community building.
  • EmploymentIt is all about global employment. From working wherever you want, to having an employer of record locally in the country you reside or pay your taxes - your choice.
  • EmpowermentWe all know how important employee empowerment and growth is. Take a look at our empowerment opportunities and get the chance to grow within your industry.

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Our HR Platform for your new hire

Once you’ve made your hire, we give you the HR support you need for the most productive empolyment


Three quick options to go remote

Recruit new Remote

For just $500 per hire, we help you recruit your new remote hires.

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Bring your own Team

Add your team to our platform, so they get the full benefits of remote.

Build a Scratch Team

Create a remote 'dream team' for your project; short- or long- term.