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Partnerships with Service Providers

We work with service providers - lawyers, accountants, training companies and more - around the world in the countries where we support our freelance, employee and employer members.


Partnerships with Experts

We work with accountants, lawyers, notaries and more to deliver expertise in-country, benefits for our members and new business for the partners.


Partner Referrals

We work with partner experts to refer business to you, and to help you with service delivery that needs our expertise. Work with Native Teams to win more business.


Service Fulfilment

Our work with local experts often means tasking specialists - accountants, lawyers and more - to deliver monthly services for us ‘in country’, alongside our own staff.


Mutual Support

The way we work with expert service providers is based on mutual support, mutual referrals and mutual benefit. This extends to the benefit to our members and your clients.


How We Partner

We work with all our partners in a way that emphasises the ‘partner’ component.

The way we work is always bespoke and always as comprehensive as you want it can be, making sure that the partnership we forge between us is shaped to achieve your ambitions and, where it includes end users, delivers real value for them.

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