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Partnerships with Enterprise


A Partnership that makes your People’s Lives Richer

We add layers of community and professional satisfaction to our members’ lives. This includes fundamentals such as local employment, through to global deskspace and chat channels.


Community Chat Channels

A range of chat channels for your people that embellish their communications with skills and role related conversation. This gives them a forum to exchange views and learn.


Global Deskspace

Our Global Deskspace program allows your team members to work from wherever they want to work, but with a ‘home-from-home’ field: Just like picking a desk in your office.


Events & Education

We run local events and training, including ‘non-work’ activities: Everything from Yoga to DISC personality tests and communications training. Plus ‘beer and pizza!’.


How We Partner

We work with all our partners in a way that emphasises the ‘partner’ component.

The way we work is always bespoke and always as comprehensive as you want it can be, making sure that the partnership we forge between us is shaped to achieve your ambitions and, where it includes end users, delivers real value for them.

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