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We equip freelancers with credit-worthy benefits as well as an employment safety net of having an “employer of record”. That way you get the employment perks while keeping the freedom of working for yourself.


Native Teams also gives you support and a community to call home!


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Client billing

This is included in your monthly plan.

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This is your tax payment, as per your tax code.

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This is your contribution to your benefits package.

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This is the net salary you want to ‘take home’ each month.


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Employment cost fee starting from $29 per month.

Some of the costs if I don’t use Native Teams?

Credit Woes

We’ve all seen the Full Time Employment definite/indefinite working contract boxes on forms & as much as you love freelancing, it doesn’t make credit-life any easier!

Chasing clients for payments

You can bill clients directly from within Native Teams. This makes it easy for clients to pay, and for us to help chase your money for you, giving separation of roles.

Pension and Healthcare

Did you remember to pay your pension and healthcare contribution the past year/month? Native Teams make your healthcare and pension contributions easy.

Put the freedom back to freelancing

Explore our global opportunities for freelancers and remote workers.

The Inside Track

Facts about working as a freelancer in North Macedonia

Taxation of individuals’ income in North Macedonia is based on their residence status. Macedonian tax residents are taxed on their worldwide income.

Non-residents are taxed on their income derived in the Macedonian territory.

Income tax is paid at a progressive rate of 10% for the earned income up to 1.080.000 MKD per year, and of 18% for the earned income above this threshold, for any labor income earned. Income tax is paid at a flat rate of 15% for any capital income earned.

Paying taxes doesn’t include getting all the benefits of an employee for freelancers, but covering the legal obligations as residents that received an income.

Unless they register a legal entity, freelancers don’t get to be self-employed (run their own registered business) in North Macedonia.

Beside the cost of registering a legal entity that will be managed by one person (1 employee), The costs of being self-employed in North Macedonia also include gross salary (including benefits, pension, health insurance, social and additional employment costs), in addition to managing expenses and taxes for all income that is not registered as salary/expenses.

Net salary in North Macedonia is calculated when mandatory Pension insurance of (18.8%), Health Insurance (7.50%), Employment insurance 1.20%, Insurance in case of an injury (0.50%) and personal tax of income (10%) is deducted from the gross payment from the employer.

This is accounting for a 38% deduction from payments towards getting paid benefits in the country.

Native Teams is also chock-full of wider benefits and support

Local Events & TV

Have a calendar of all afterwork events near you or watch useful video content, we have created for you. It’s the best way for work - life balance.

Visa & Travel Assistance

Save yourself a headache from planning your move. We offer hassle free international landing support for visa applications & travel documentation.

Peer Review & Community

Native Teams provides you with peer and creative reviews. Get feedback and comments on code or designs, by colleagues and community.

Deskspace Booking & More

Native Teams is the platform for remote work, so deskspace booking, ‘work from anywhere’ functionality and more, all baked in.


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