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Good feedback is a key to improvement

Valuable feedback is always welcomed while working. With Native Teams Peer Review you will have the opportunity to gain feedback from other team members on the platform so you can revise or improve your work.

With this kind of feedback later on you can create a pipeline and see where you need to upgrade or tweak the work a little bit.

Also our peer reviewing allows a wide pool of opinions, that can complete the main goal and that is - perfectly completed tasks.


We are here to empower you


Feedback is crucial for learning and improving, and can help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses in the workplace.

You may be unaware of a certain habit or tendency you have at work.Get feedback on code or designs, by colleagues and our global community.


A good comment can tell you what the task that you are doing is supposed to accomplish and can lead you to new ideas where you can learn from your surroundings.

By having a colleague point it out, you can continue favorable behaviors and work on areas for improvement.

Creative review

Creativity is widely seen as a driver of innovation, growth, and societal development.

Creativity and all creative processes used in organizations does require getting feedback on early creative work in order to improve the creative output.Give or receive creative feedback that will empower your teammates to be more effective.

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