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The Perfect Team for your Project…

A Native Teams ‘Scratch Team’ is the perfect team for your project. We draw upon a combination of independent talent and on-the-books team members to put in place (at short notice, if needed) the best team possible to deliver your software project.

… yours to keep (if you want to!).

In many cases, when the project is delivered, you’ll need at least some team members for ongoing maintenance. Where you’ve used a Scratch Team through us, you can hang on to any of those team members for as long as you like. Recruitment, with no fee.

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How it works


Scope out Project

We work with you to finalise a scope and specification for your project.


Assemble Scratch Team

We then put together the perfect team to deliver that project to your timeline.


Deliver the Project

The team works on your project, providing you regular feedback.


Deliver the Team (optional)

Once the project is complete, if you want to keep any team members, you can!

Build team from scratch

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Building a Project like the Own It

With our Scratch Teams, you get a team that really feels like they ‘own’ your project, at least in terms of how bought in they are to delivering the perfect product.

Professional Satisfaction

Working on a project with the option to potentially become a full time team member is very different than bouncing from job to job.

Attention to Detail

When a developer or designer approaches a project as a long term assignment, the attention to detail and quality is second to none.

Ongoing Support

If you want it, once a project is completed through Scratch Teams, you can continue working with the team. Maintainability is built in.

How your scratch team works

A team comes together

A team purpose-built to deliver your project is formed.

Specifications are Created

Documentation and specs for the project are created

A Project tool is Set Up

Tasks are created in a project tool, and you get visibility

Native Teams Space Set Up

A Native Teams space is set up to manage knowledge

Communications Established

Communications are set up between the team and you

Product Shipped!

Your product is created and shipped, to your satisfaction

What happens when it’s over?

Job Well Done

In many cases, it’ll be a ‘job well done’. You’ll have the product you need and the team will be disbanded, to reconvene another day.

Your Team, no Charge!

In some cases, you might want to retain what is now proven - to you, directly! - talent. You are able to

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Three quick options to go remote

Recruit new Remote

For just $500 per hire, we help you recruit your new remote hires.

Bring your own Team

Add your team to our platform, so they get the full benefits of remote.

Build a Scratch Team

Create a remote 'dream team' for your project; short- or long- term.

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